English speaking Ableton lessons in Barcelona

Learn to produce and mix like a PRO. 

My name is Kim and i offer private english Ableton LIVE lessons in Barcelona

Ableton is a music production program that has pretty much everything you need to create that song you have in mind.

It is easy to handle and very intuitive. It has virtual instruments, effects, plugins, etc.
However it is very easy to get lost with all the controls and parameters at your fingertips.
Self-learning is very slow and expensive, it is much better to have someone to explain how to get the best of Ableton without getting lost in the knobs. 
We are english speaking experts in Ableton LIVE in Barcelona and in a few sessions we can explain everything you need, with examples and practical classes from you to you.
We are also sound technicians and musicians so we have a truly solid base and all the ingredients that make possible to get the best of the tool!
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Great and awesome music knowledge
Todo bien, todo perfecto
Muy bien
Recomendabe al 100%
Además de buen músico es bueno explicando las cosas
English speaking Ableton lessons in Barcelona
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